"Straight To My Head" / "Dead Bird"

by The Harmony Motel

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released January 14, 2014

Recorded at Recursive Delete Audio-Visual, Portland, Oregon, between 2012-2013
Produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Jack Saturn

Stanton Hall - acoustic & electric guitars, lap steel guitar, bass guitar, glockenspiel, sleigh bells, handclaps, Hammond organ, Mellotron, synthesizers, lead vocals, backing vocals
Jack Saturn - drums, claves, cabasa, tambourine, shakers, electric guitar, harpsichord, piano, Mellotron, backing vocals
Graye Guidotti - backing vocals on "Straight To My Head"
Amber Lapp - backing vocals on "Straight To My Head"
Pete Schreiner - handclaps on "Straight To My Head"
Katie Presley - trumpet on "Dead Bird"
Strings performed by the Recursive Delete Chamber Ensemble, conducted by Jack Saturn

Cover art: detail of The Ruling Passion by John Everett Millais (1885). Concept by Stanton Hall. Crop/type by Jack Saturn.

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The Harmony Motel Portland, Oregon

The Harmony Motel is a project of Portland, OR songwriter Stanton Hall, who currently is also bass player-vocalist for The Zags: thezags.bandcamp.com

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Track Name: Straight To My Head
The sensation's intense. Don't know why, it just is when it hits in the brain.
No spirit moving me. It's all done vis-a-vis, within me you're engrained.

I can't say where you got me. I swear I won't give in again.
But if I try real hard to admit the truth, you've gone straight to my head.

My resistance was strong. I beseeched thee be gone, tried to perish the thought.
But your effect was true, casting off the doubts and throwing off the binds and lines. I find that I welcome this sweet defeat.

I can't say where you got me. I swear I won't give in again.
But if I try real hard to admit the truth, you've gone straight to my head.
Track Name: Dead Bird
There's a dead bird in my yard. What do I do with it?
You remember when he sang. Are you OK with this?

You're sunshine every day, but the crops are parched.
Your cup is always full, I just wish it was scotch.
What good is a smile when the room is dark?
Don't pour on the sugar when I'm craving tart.

There are dead birds in our town. What do we put on them?
Maybe we memorialize. Maybe we could draw them.

The flickers pulled their weight with hollow bones.
Old crow stole their eggs and wrecked their twiggy home.
Flickers got the lesson: Don't wish too hard.
The canary will tell you it's a big canard. There's a dead bird in my heart.

What good is a song when the world tunes out?
But don't give up your whistling. Don't give in to doubt.
Oh, dead bird of my dreams, won't you ever fly?
Maybe when I find some feelings, when I learn to cry.
This dead thing in my yard: What do I do?

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